antonia dewhurst

llawn03 : 10 mostyn st, llandudno

18th - 20th September 2015

Antonia Dewhurst

Antonia’s WanderBox residency took place in Llandudno as part of LLAWN03, where she presented ‘Lost Weekend’:

“In 2014 a young photography student found an undeveloped film in a secondhand camera. Processing revealed 8 poignant photos of a 1970s family holiday in Llandudno and Llanfairfechan.

A press and online appeal failed to identify the family.

Who are they? Why wasn’t the film developed? Step into the mystery and see what Antonia has discovered”

Antonia’s residency included presentation of a film and photographic works, as well as public engagement through writing activities, and distribution of toffee apples.


artist biog

Antonia Dewhurst is a visual artist living and working in North Wales. Her work explores our complex relationship with what we call home.

She is currently working with young people on an employment scheme at the community group Caia Park Partnership in Wrexham, to develop transferrable practical skills through building a full size shepherd’s hut. This project forms part of Oriel Wrecsam’s off-site programme, supported by Arts Council Wales; the hut will eventually be moved into Wrexham town centre as a space for Oriel Wrecsam projects and exhibitions.