morgan griffith (sonomano)

bar area of galeri, caernarfon

24th nov - 12th dec 2014

morgan griffith

Artist Morgan Griffith spent an intensive week creating a body of work which was then installed inside WanderBox, remaining on display for a further two weeks.

Found material is the departure point for Morgan Griffith (SONOMANO). These pieces are suffused with the nostalgia of the weightless digital present for the physicality of the Age of Engineering, and its troubled relationship with the natural world. Ships tow mysterious objects on monochrome seas; flayed and diseased beings contemplate fungi; jet aircraft (the F-104 Starfighter- a missile with a man in it) and rockets probe the delicate openings of seashells in an atmosphere of sly eroticism.

artist biog

His process begins with his obsession with collecting paper ephemera, thrown away and disregarded as rubbish – these images act as a catalyst for his small collage / assemblages which are rich in humour and the banal, but also deeply personal. Griffith explains that a blank canvas is rarely blank; the papers he uses have picked up marks that only time can yield. A small blotch or ink stain from the original owner is as important as the marks or words that he adds himself.

After graduating from Norwich School of Art and Design in 2003 Griffith has been working between London, California and his native North Wales. Building an extensive body of work with collage/found imagery playing a key part in his process.