thomas goddard

elysium, swansea

5th - 26th jan 2015


Artist Thomas Goddard set WanderBox up as a confessional during his residency, inviting visitors to climb inside and share their secrets: “Thomas Goddard invites you to confess to WanderBox, share your darkest dreams or your greatest fears. Declassify your secrets and surrender your terrific lies. Get the truth off your chest early, so you can really enjoy the possibilities 2015 has to offer“.

Thomas also used the time of his residency to create a film, which was screened alongside WanderBox at his special event ‘Austerity Disco’, celebrating Art’s Birthday.  The artist invited visitors to take part in a new ritual he designed specially for the event – by having their ears painted blue at the WanderBox table.

artist biog

Thomas Goddard studied at University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham. He works across design, drawing, photography, film and performance exploring the relationship between place, community, culture and fiction. Goddard’s work looks at the relationship between the individual and society, the role of misinformation through the media and its effects on contemporary culture through the power of suggestibility and misattribution.